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At the REALIFE Process®, we help Christian Coaches and Entrepreneurs diversify and develop their business by providing facilitator certification with the REALIFE Process® and the tool of the Enneagram. We coach and train you in our systematic process tools so that you can grow your impact and increase your income.
Through the REALIFE Process Facilitator™ program, you will learn how to guide others in the 4 Steps of the Process and our Signature N.O.W. Coaching Tool plus the tool of the Enneagram.
The process can be facilitated through one to one or group coaching, workshops, speaking, training, and retreats. 
Once certified in both The REALIFE Process® and the Enneagram you can combine these tools to develop, diversify, and systematize your business or ministry to make an impact with those you serve while also providing income.
Each week through our live virtual group sessions you will continue to dive deeper into not only the 4 steps in the Process but tools such as the REALIFE Enneagram Personality Profiles, the Values and Needs Program,  and the N.O.W. Coaching Tool. You'll gain both confidence and credibility and help others discover their best REALSELF, live their best REALIFE and do their most important REALWORK. 
Would adding the REALIFE Process Facilitator Certification™ be a great addition to the vision you have to make an impact this year?
If so fill out the application below and let's schedule a call to chat about your vision. I can't wait to meet you!
Teresa McCloy,
Creator of the REALIFE Process®

As a facilitator, you can choose to use one step in the process or lead clients through all 4 Steps. 

You'll be training to use the signature REALIFE N.O.W. Coaching Tool™ to guide clients in both breakthrough coaching and Enneagram discovery sessions.

If you are a coach, entrepreneur, consultant, workshop facilitator, speaker, or trainer that is looking for a sustainable framework and tools to use within your business, the REALIFE Process® is designed for you! 

We've designed the facilitator program with 3 C's–

  • CONTENT - ongoing training and reproducible templates and presentations that are done for and ready to use immediately with your clients both in groups, workshops, and one-to-one settings.
  • COMMUNITY - a rich collaboration with other facilitators through retreats, training, breakout sessions, and live virtual sessions.
  • COACHING - both private and group coaching to support you on your path to impact!


The Facilitator Program is open
again now!

Space is limited to 5 Facilitators in the January/February 2021 Group.
If you have already completed the ®iEnneagram Motions of the Soul
training adjustments will be made to your training and
investment for your facilitator certification

REALIFE Process Facilitator Application

Fill out the application below, we'll review your application, and follow up with a one-to-one conversation to make sure the REALIFE Process Facilitator Program is great fit for you and our program as well!

"When the REALIFE Process Facilitator Certification was made available, I JUMPED on the Opportunity! My personal and professional life has benefitted greatly from practicing the REALIFE Process. Now I’m equipped and thrilled to be sharing the Process and Tools with my Clients. AND….Being in community with other Facilitators keeps it fresh, fun and profitable."

Mark Ross
REALIFE Process Certified Facilitator - Encorepreneur - Next Thing Group

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