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"Great applicable action steps!"

"Could have listened to you all day."

"You were very engaging–Brought a lot of insight to developing priorities!"

Teresa McCloy has been speaking at conferences, workshops, and team development events for years.
From intimate gatherings of a dozen people to on-stage presentations in venues with 100+ people. Both live events and virtual, Teresa engages audiences to live their best REALIFE. 
Teresa's relatable message and lively personality captivates millennial entrepreneurs to well established CEOs, business owners, and leaders with growth-minded mentalities. 

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Keynote Topics for Your Upcoming Business, Leadership or Team Building Event

These are just a few of the Keynote Topics. I can customize a virtual training to meet the needs of your core leaders or your entire organization.

Do What Matters:
Live from Rest,
Not Rush

Discover what matters uniquely to you in life and business. Teresa shares her story of how she stopped living with her hair on fire and intentionally designed her life, and how the REALIFE Process® can help you do the same.

Team Growth and Development for Entrepreneurs

Learn how to take your business to the next level by identifying the next role to hire and recruiting the right people to support your vision. Don’t put a lid on your business by getting stuck in ideation, but discover when and how to hire the support you need to follow through and bring your ideas to life.

The Enneagram In Your REALIFE

Learn how to connect all three centers of intelligence–your head (IQ), heart (EQ), & gut (GQ)–as you discover how the tool of the Enneagram can bring clarity in your life and business.

Let's talk about your event and how we can wow your audience!

Teresa McCloy is the creator of the REALIFE Process®. She is an ACC Certified Leadership & Life Coach through the International Coaching Federation, Podcaster, and Keynote Speaker. She is also author of the book Do What Matters: Live from Rest, Not Rush, Using the REALIFE Process® (releasing Fall 2022).

Teresa partners with her clients as a coach, consultant, and professional speaker to discover how to do what matters in their life and business. As a recovering workaholic who was addicted to all the latest apps, software, and best-selling books on productivity, Teresa is passionate about helping business owners assess their habits and execute a process to take their everyday, ordinary life to something extraordinary in their REALIFE™, REALWORK™ & REALSELF™.

Through the REALIFE Process®, she serves clients to move from living with their hair on fire to discovering clarity about the life they want to live each day and the process to make it happen!

Teresa lives with her husband Dale on their 3rd Generation family grain farm in South Central Illinois. She still drives a tractor when needed and loves a great cup of coffee or long lingering meal with friends!  

"Thanks to her tips and coaching, I designed my ideal month around the things that matter most in my life and business. So now, rather than running around with my hair on fire, I have space in my day/week/month for the most important things and if there’s time leftover, I can choose to fill it (or not) with the other things that pop up."

Casey Gromer
Small Business CMO & Author at Wave Marketing with Casey Gromer VMO

"We had the pleasure of having Teresa McCloy speak to our business organization. Her visuals and concepts of time blocking were so captivating and applicable. Teresa's message gave me permission to let go of being a workaholic!"

Rachel Thompson
CURT + RACH Photography

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Let's Make Your Next Event Memorable

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